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In need of an emergency locksmith in Utrecht?

Did you unintentionally close your door behind you in Utrecht, understanding that you left your keys inside? What can you do? In these ill-fated scenarios a qualified locksmith can help you by opening up the front door for you. In most cases the locksmith can open the door while not damaging neither door or lock applying one of two specific opening methods. This is more difficult to accomplish when beforehand a door security strip has been fitted or when the door has not got a mailbox. It will be practically impossible for your locksmith to get into your home without doing damage to your lock. Having said that, when completing this task he will be more than happy to fit a new lock. The right locksmiths will guide their customers when such an occasion arises.

Repair, replace or install locks in Utrecht

It is highly recommended for you to replace all locks when you have just relocated into a new house or apartment. You do not want the past owners nor anyone else walking in unannounced. For this kind of task you can hire a locksmith. A verified locksmith can provide you with suggestions with regards to the locks to be installed and the general security level of your newly purchased place. For safety and financial purposes you’d best contract a skilled and trustworthy locksmith for your lock replacement, repair or installation.

How do I find a good and reliable locksmith in Utrecht?

The best way to find a qualified and reliable locksmith in Utrecht is to search for one on locksmith.nl. Locksmith.nl is the platform in the Netherlands where you swiftly and without difficulty find a skilled and trustworthy locksmith in your area. Our verified locksmiths are tested and:

  • Have obtained a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) from the Dutch governing administration
  • Are subscribed at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and possess a legitimate liability insurance
  • Are respected by both customers and well known fellow locksmiths for their former results

Locksmith.nl verified locksmiths are happy to open your door in Utrecht, damage-free, for a service charge of €120,- including VAT on weekdays.

Where in Utrecht do locksmith.nl locksmiths operate?

Locksmith.nl verified locksmiths will help you out with any lock issues in all Utrecht city areas and neighbourhoods.


  • Oog in Al
  • Lombok
  • Welgelegen
  • Halve Maan
  • Nieuw Engeland


  • Zuilen
  • Ondiep
  • Pijlsweerd
  • Bloemenbuurt
  • Daalsebuurt


  • Vechtzoom
  • Tigrisdreef
  • Zambesidreef
  • Zamenhofdreef
  • Neckardreef
  • Taagdreef en Rubicondreef
  • Donaudreef en Wolgadreef


  • Vogelenbuurt
  • Tuinwijk
  • Lauwerecht
  • Staatsliedenbuurt
  • Wittevrouwen
  • Zeeheldenbuurt
  • Huizingabuurt
  • Tuindorp en Tuindorp-Oost
  • Voordorp
  • Veemarkt


  • Buiten Wittevrouwen
  • Oudwijk
  • Abstede
  • Sterrenwijk
  • Watervogelbuurt
  • Schildersbuurt
  • Lodewijk Napoleonplantsoen
  • Wilhelminapark e.o.
  • Rijnsweerd

Centrum / Binnenstad


  • Lunetten
  • Hoograven
  • Tolsteeg
  • Bokkenbuurt
  • Rotsoord


  • Kanaleneiland
  • Transwijk
  • Dichterswijk
  • Rivierenwijk

Leidsche Rijn:

  • Leidsche Rijn Centrum
  • Leeuwesteyn
  • Grauwaart
  • Parkwijk
  • Het Zand
  • Hoge Weide
  • Terwijde
  • Langerak
  • Rijnvliet

Vleuten en De Meern

In emergency cases call locksmith.nl

Locksmith.nl verified locksmiths are available 24/7 to open your door in Utrecht, free of any damage. During emergency cases, please do not be reluctant to contact locksmith.nl. You can phone us on 085-4000911. Alternatively, you can immediately schedule a session with a nearby verified locksmith through our locksmith.nl app.