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In need of an emergency locksmith in Amsterdam?

You closed your door in Amsterdam behind you and you instantly are aware you do not have your keys on you. How can you fix this situation? In these unfortunate cases a knowledgeable locksmith can help you out by opening up the door for you. In most situations the locksmith can open the door free of harming neither door or lock implementing one of two specific opening methods. This is more challenging to accomplish when beforehand a door security strip has been fitted or when the door does not have a mailbox. It will be nearly impossible for your locksmith to get into your home without removing your lock. However, following completing this task he will be more than happy to mount a substitute lock. If you have contracted a good locksmith, he will suggest you what to undertake in these scenarios.

Repair, replace or install locks in Amsterdam

Possibly it is not on most people’s to do list just after moving places, but replacing your locks should definitely be one of your priorities. You do not want the former owners nor anyone else walking in unannounced. Locksmiths are experienced in the task of replacing locks. A qualified locksmith can provide you with advice with regards to the locks to be installed and the all round security level of your newly obtained place. Please make sure that you get a skilled and dependable locksmith for lock replacements, lock repairs and lock installations.

Burglary prevention for your home or real estate in Amsterdam

Your house should be a place where you feel sheltered. A burglary or attempt at burglary can have a massive impact on this feeling. Though you cannot entirely rule out an attempt at burglary, you can make proper precautions. We urge you to shut all your doors and windows before you leave your residence in Amsterdam. Even when you go get some air for just a few minutes. Be warned that the tiniest space is enough for a burglar to enter your place. Additionally make certain that you leave your valuable belongings hidden as this can be regarded a friendly invitation for sneaking thiefs. Another bluff is to ensure your residence appears lively. A way to achieve this is to leave the lights on and to not close your curtains. Thiefs utilize ladders, trash cans and other objects to climb into your house. You can stop this by clearing your stuff or somewhat keep them out of sight. Finally Locksmith.nl offers recommendations and solutions to secure your place in Amsterdam and thus minimizing the possibility of a fruitful burglary attempt on your property. This way it becomes rather unattractive to break into your house.

Burglary repair in Amsterdam

Are you bothered by theft damage and have robbers made an attempt to get into your home in Amsterdam? Perhaps the burglars even managed to get in inside. Whether your belongings have been taken or not, unsolicited guests have entered into your home. Your personal territory has been breached and you are left with tracks of the burglary. We can hardly think of matters that are more unpleasant than this. Thus it is essential to recover the damage as swift as possible after the burglary. Sometimes it is not even safe to live in your own place until the repairs have been finished. If the thiefs did not manage to break into your home in Amsterdam, your lock might even be intact or at a minimum not thoroughly broken. In this scenario chances are that you don’t have to change your lock. Nonetheless more often than not the damage is irreparable and your lock has to be changed. Fortunately we are more than happy to help you out with restoring burglary damage in and around Amsterdam. Our screened handymen have considerable experience with undoing burglary damages to your home. The main aim is to bring back your feeling of security when you are inside your own place. A blessing in disguise is that in most instances your insurance will pay most or all of the costs involved. Please check with your own insurance company for more information as to coverage of burglary damage.

How do I find a good and reliable locksmith in Amsterdam?

The best way to find a qualified and reputable locksmith in Amsterdam is to search for one on locksmith.nl. Locksmith.nl is the platform in the Netherlands where you rapidly and quite simply find a skilled and reliable locksmith in your area. Our verified locksmiths are scanned and:

  • Have obtained a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) from the Dutch governing administration
  • Are registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and have got a legitimate liability insurance
  • Are sought after by both customers and renowned fellow locksmiths for their previous results

Locksmith.nl verified locksmiths are ready to open your door in Amsterdam, damage-free, for a price of €120,- including VAT on weekdays.

Where in Amsterdam do locksmith.nl locksmiths operate?

Locksmith.nl verified locksmiths will help you out with any lock issues in all Amsterdam city areas and neighbourhoods.

Amsterdam Centrum:
o Centrum Oost
o Centrum West

Amsterdam Noord:
o Noord-Oost
o Noord-West
o Oud-Noord

Amsterdam West:
o Oud-West, De Baarsjes
o Westerpark
o Bos en Lommer

Amsterdam Oost:
o IJburg, Zeeburgereiland
o Indische Buurt, Oostelijk Havengebied
o Oud-Oost
o Watergraafsmeer

Amsterdam Zuid:
o Buitenveldert, Zuidas
o De Pijp, Rivierenbuurt
o Oud-Zuid

Amsterdam Zuidoost:
o Bijlmer-Centrum, Amstel III
o Bijlmer Oost
o Gaasperdam, Driemond

Amsterdam Nieuw-West:
o Geuzenveld, Slotermeer, Sloterdijk
o Osdorp
o De Aker, Sloten, Nieuw Sloten
o Slotervaart

Amsterdam Westpoort

In emergency cases call locksmith.nl

Locksmith.nl verified locksmiths are available 24/7 to open your door in Amsterdam, damage-free. In the course of emergency cases, please do not be reluctant to contact us. You can phone us on 085-4000911. Additionally, you can instantly schedule a meeting with a close by verified locksmith through our locksmith.nl app.



Onze prijzen

Hieronder vind je de tarieven terug die wij rekenen voor het schadevrij openen van een deur. 

  • dagtarief (08:00 – 18:00): €120,-
  • avond- en nachttarief (18:00 – 08:00): €150,-
  • weekendtarief (zaterdag en zondag): €160,-

De kosten voor materiaal, zoals een nieuw slot, verschilt per slotenmaker en zijn terug te vinden op het profiel van de slotenmaker in de locksmith.nl app. De prijzen zijn altijd inclusief BTW.

Alle betalingen verlopen digitaal via het locksmith.nl platform. Zo kom je niet voor onaangename verrassingen te staan.